Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prop 19 and Huck Finn

While reading Huckleberry Finn to Annelise I came across the following:

Pretty soon I wanted to smoke, and asked the widow to let me. But she wouldn't. She said it was a mean practice and wasn't clean, and I must try to not do it any more. That is just the way with some people. They get down on a thing when they don't know nothing about it. Here she was a bothering about Moses, which was no kin to her, and no use to anybody, being gone, you see, yet finding a power of fault with me for doing a thing that had some good in it. And she took snuff too; of course that was all right, because she done it herself.

For those that voted “no” on California’s recent Proposition 19, it seems like Huck has got your number.

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